The CEO, Mrs. Nitcha Tengprawat Le experienced a wide range of local ingredients before she finally discovered the lotus seeds displayed at the Surin market.Thats how the story of the TL Tradewinds company began.


The headquarters was set up on September 2012 and not so long after, on October 2012, the first production of the roasted crispy lotus seeds could be carried out.

shaking up the snack category

On February 2013 the company signed its first contracts with eleven supermarket which are part of The Mall Group Co.Ltd., one of Thailands largest mall operator. Moreover, thanks to the rising in the popularity of the roasted lotus seeds, other contracts with supermarkets and stores were signed from June 2013. In addition to that, the export could take place late this year. Indeed, the first country the company exported to was Malaysia. The other exports, to Korea, Japan, Singapore and India occurred quickly after the first one.

In order to be able to face the rising demand for roasted lotus seeds, a branch was set up on March 2015 in Tumbon Salakdai in the Surin Province.

From 2016 to now, the company has been meeting the demand of the customers and the partners.

expansion strategy

TL is not only lotus seeds, at present the company have imported variety of nuts product from around the world to production and distribution in Thailand.

We sell the products through 4 main channels :

- Export, directly to over 10 destinations worldwide;

- Food Materials service, to hotels, restaurants, cafes, schools and airlines;

- Modern trade, to supermarket, hypermarkets and convenience stores;

- Others, primarily to industrial customers such as processing plants and domestic traders.

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